Are you a Trend Setting Parent?


As 2016 draws to an end, let’s review the 6 Biggest Parenting Trends that were popular in 2016. Were you a trend setter? Did you lead the way to new age parenting? Or are you a slow starter and plan to follow the trends before the year ends? Read on and decide for yourself if the trends are tailor made for your parenting style.

  1. Third child style parenting

It is basically a much more relaxed way of dealing with children and encourages greater independence, with less focus on scheduling. Third child style parenting is about taking each day as it comes and giving your child the opportunity to solve his problems on his own. Good bye helicopter parenting!

  1. Gender-neutral approach  

There is a rise in enlightened parenting as more and more brands eliminate gender specification on toys and clothes. Enlightened parents believe that showing understanding and acceptance without necessarily telling, can be a stronger, more modern message to kids when helping to breakdown stereotypes and gender norms.

  1. Hybrid baby names

The present ‘equal opportunity’ parents are increasingly opting for new first names for their children by creatively combining two or more sentimental or meaningful favourites.

  1. Technology free weekends

As children become exceptionally gizmo savvy, parents are exercising 24- or 48-hour technology bans. There are also devices that give parents full control of the Wi-Fi, so they can temporarily suspend internet connections from any room in the house.

  1. Teaching kids to code

Kids who learn coding will not only be better prepared for the future, but develop their ability to use logic. Kids have an easier time learning new things when they are younger and coding makes them more confident and creative to face the world.

  1. Shared family Google calendar

Going digital means you can keep tabs on everyone’s schedules, avoid conflicts and re-jigger your life from any location. And it’s colour-coded, just in case you have difficulties following your busy family schedule. It allows all the family members to spend time together.

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