Choosing The Right School Today

A good school endeavours to inspire a passion and enthusiasm for learning by creating an enriched and entertaining environment that engages, excites and energises.
We believe that education has to be as flexible, creative and adaptive to the increasingly complex, ever changing and interconnected world we are living in. The school should always be on the lookout for opportunities to develop the strength and tenacity of the students, to go beyond the ordinary, to face any challenge head on and emerge winners. Such enriching experiences give education a totally different dimension.
A good educational system gives students the freedom to recognize their capabilities and individual potentials. Various co curricular activities at Ebenezer, ensure the healthy physical and social growth of the students.Tie-ups with professional education partners ascertains that students are exposed to the right kind of training programme, which initiates the tapping of their innate potential and gives them not only an opportunity to discover themselves but to also set the foundation for a future passion.
Technology has become a quintessential part of our lives. At Ebenezer, by making our students tech savvy at a very young age ,we hope to prepare them to comfortably face the demanding technological challenges. In our classrooms where thinking, questioning and imagining are encouraged, association with technology powerhouses such as Apple, Google & Espresso allow us to make technology a way of life at Ebenezer.
Education at Ebenezer, while providing students the freedom to learn, fosters collaborative learning and acting creatively about ideas and issues across a range of disciplines. An open-minded and diverse approach is the need of the day to build positive personalities.
Together in the cause of education!

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